Friday, March 7, 2014

Indefatigable Blog Tinkering

It may be observed that the blog looks different again. Better, I think, but not yet quite... there. I'm enjoying learning how to play with the template and picmonkey, but so far am still cobbling things together in what is undoubtedly an inefficient method (i.e., my blog is now narrower because I needed to match the width of the title image). Perhaps it would help if I could draw. I could design myself a lovely sketch of an avocado upon a pile of books, or an avocado in front of a book, or an avocado reading a book...

Meanwhile, I'm trying to think of a strange and random item that could be magically enchanted (in fiction). Unsettling Wonder is taking story submissions on the topic, "Why would anyone enchant that?" It would be nice to return to more fiction writing. Do you think they would publish a story about an enchanted volume of the Book of Concord, or perhaps Luther's Small Catechism?


  1. Replies
    1. Oh my goodness, yes. My first thought was, "But it would rot..." and that's actually a good thing, because the story prompt suggests that in the entries, whoever enchanted the object was making a strange decision.

  2. I would buy a story about an enchanted Book of Concord or of the Small Catechism.

    1. Someday, I shall write one. But it will be free to the loyal and intelligent readers of this blog.


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