Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Conflict Between "Art" and "Message" (or, Infiltrating the Arts, Part II)

If you are inclined to read Part II of this series, it is available at Sister, Daughter, Mother, Wife.

Here's a quote.
It is important to recognize that the most important thing is not to set about creating A Book That Will Convert Everyone or a movie That Tells It Right and Silences All Those Annoying Liberals. What we really need is to cultivate and support good art, and to teach and encourage good Christian thinkers. A thoughtful Christian who is writing, painting, composing, or directing will naturally portray truth as he sees it. He will be able to create material that is based on truth, rather than focused on combatting specific, narrow errors. However, if this Christian is shaped by mainstream values, his output will reflect Hollywood, Oprah, or whatever other source has shaped his view of life and truth.

It is perhaps especially difficult to create literature from a Christian perspective in a world that sees cynicism and despair as more true, and more artistic, than joy or goodness. THIS is a thought-provoking article about that very issue.

So-- what is the solution?


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. That article on iron you linked to? That explains why the critics lambast so many movies I love! Movies like the new Lone Ranger and Les Miserables and Jack the Giant Slayer. They are NOT ironic! They are what they are -- and that's why I love them! Wow. Thank you so much for linking to that! A lightbulb has gone off for me.

    (Also, I've been enjoying the "Infiltrating the Arts" posts, but I haven't commented on them because I'm still digesting them. So much food for thought!)

    1. Yes, the article helped clarify some vague thoughts I had been having, too! It kind of reminds me of a passage in The Screwtape letters, in which the tempter tells his nephew to get the human to believe that the ugly things in war are "real life," but that the happy, pretty things aren't.


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