Saturday, November 15, 2014

Two-Year Blog Anniversary

Wow. I have been keeping this blog for two years! It doesn't feel that long.

When I first started posting, I lived in a little student apartment with my husband. I remember having him read my first post, and being extremely excited when it achieved multiple page views. Four or five! More than just the two of us! It was heady stuff.

In these two years, the post that has received the most page views is the one about how Fashion Was Easier When Women Wore Corsets.

Second most popular was the first in the "How to Homeschool Without Warping Your Kids" series.

In my personal opinion, the article that probably had the best illustrations is this one because it has little bunny memes that I made myself.

Writing for this blog is a lot of fun. I'm grateful that I've been able to do so. Thanks very much to all of you who read what I post!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Or Blogiversary as I've heard some say. Your 7QT post on Pseudo-Intellectualism cracks me up!


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