Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Why I Won't Post as Much for a While

I have been wanting to (a). focus on fiction in a more disciplined way, and (b). be pushed to improve my writing. Over Christmas I decided that the perfect solution would be to take an online class. I need to take it now, since there is another baby Mussmann on the way (due this July) and newborns aren't always very good at allowing their mothers to spend hours on the computer. If you know what I mean.

Therefore, I have registered for a novel writing class for Winter Quarter. The goal of the class is to produce a complete novel outline as well as a polished fifty pages of the novel. I'm very excited about working on my story concept and about immersing myself in the world of fiction for a few months. Hooray!

The only sad part is that, because my writing time is limited, I probably won't be able to blog much. If I vanish from this space until April, fear not, I am not dead--merely busy, and hopefully producing a masterpiece-ish tome of insight, adventure, and pleasing sentence structures.


  1. Congratulations, good luck, and God's blessings for the upcoming new Mussmann baby!

    Hope the class and writing go well too. :)

  2. A wonderful use of your time and talents.

  3. Good for you, Anna! And congratulations on the new baby!

  4. A writing class sounds awesome! I've been working my way through an online class, but a real-life one would be much better when it comes to keeping me on task, etc. I hope you have lots of fun and learn lots! Also, congratulations on the new baby on the way :-)

  5. Oh what wonderful news about baby! Hope you're feeling well, prayers for all. Enjoy the class I look forward to more fiction from you!

  6. Thanks, everyone!

    I'm excited about the class, and busy trying to name all my characters before the class starts.


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