Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Five Excellent Blogs (That Are Better Than Mine)

“….and to all this [the accomplished woman] must yet add something more substantial, in the improvement of her mind by extensive reading.” Mr. Darcy in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

In case you feel the need for some mental improvement, I would like to recommend five blogs. They are a diverse set, but all are worth your investigation.

Like Mother, Like Daughter is run by a woman and her grown daughters. It is a great place to find sensible, encouraging advice on mothering and educating a large family of children. I’ve spent quite a few hours perusing the archives. A great article to start with is:

“Standards and solidarity: Ten ways to give your child the gift of purity.”

Catholic All Year is written in a warm, humorous style and is where you can hear how one mom handles everything from whiny babies to teaching Latin (also, why she loves Zombies and doesn’t like Flannery O’Conner). I loved these two posts and plan to put them into operation with my own son:  

He Remembers the Barren focuses on bearing the cross of infertility (or barrenness) and also addresses related issues such as adoption and the ethical issues of infertility treatments. Reading this site helps me understand my barren sisters better, but is also widely applicable to those who suffer grief in other ways. Take a look at:

"Joseph's Worthiness (and my Own)"

Flying Scroll

Pastor Chad Bird writes short, penetrating reflections on man’s sin and God’s grace. The Christmas post below is longer than his usual piece, but it addresses the possibility of joy and hope in the midst of a messed-up world with honesty and insight. He also reminds us that our hearts aren't such great guides in life. 

"Follow Your Heart": The Most Dangerous Advice You'll Ever Receive

Circe Institute Blog

Somehow, I only found this site recently, despite my love of classical education and educational theory. As the modern classical education movement grows and matures, many of our ideas about “how to do school” need to be examined. The post below looks at grades and how their artificiality can teach the wrong lesson about learning.

I’m always interested in finding new places to explore ideas. What blogs are your favorites? 

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  1. I just discovered Like Mother, Like Daughter a few days ago and I've been busy reading! There are some awesome posts about caring for your home!

  2. Thanks Anna (just so you know, I now say Ah-na in my head)!


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