Wednesday, May 22, 2013

An Update and Some Felt Owls

Dear friends and readers,

Perhaps you have noticed the sudden silence of this blog. The truth is that I have been seized by crafting fever. Instead of writing, I have been sewing and (ahem) pouring over little felt animals on Pinterest. After much thought, I have decided that little felt owls and handmade leaf babies are intrinsically related to stories (my husband thinks that’s a stretch). Therefore, rather than leave the blog silent, I will be sharing some of my handiwork until my brain refocuses on fiction. I have been drafting a few patterns for little toys and will be sharing them as I go.

Here are a few of the latest efforts:

A future Christmas Tree Ornament (part of a series of woodland animals)

Little Leaf Babies and their Leaves

More Christmas Ornaments: Sleepy Owls


  1. Anna, these are darling creations. I especially like the little leaf babies.

  2. This is great work. Hope you enjoyed creating these as much as me (and hopefully others) enjoy seeing it.

  3. They are lovely! A great idea for Christmas decorations too. You're lucky to have another creative outlet when the muse goes to sleep for a while.

  4. Thank you, to all three of you! I definitely enjoyed making these. Perhaps too much, since I don't seem to be able to stop making more. :-)

  5. I'm dying from the cuteness!


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