Monday, May 27, 2013

The Wee Bunny (and Some Hedgehogs)

As I continue to play with felt and to download innumerable pictures and patterns as inspiration, I've found two rather adorable little creatures that are quick and easy to make. The patterns are available for free. See the pictures and links below.

One of my planned projects is to make various little animals (and perhaps fairies/gnomes) with wee felt houses to live in. I'm inspired by a tutorial at Rhythm and Rhyme. My little hedgehogs and bunnies might require a similar home. Perhaps an old (felt) tree stump? On the other hand, I am also playing with the idea of making a Noah's Ark. The littler hedgies might find themselves aboard ship, if I can figure out how to make the bigger animals somewhat to scale. We'll see!

Meanwhile, here are the hedgehogs. You can find the pattern that I used HERE (note that instead of using hearts for the prickles, I fringed strips of felt). 

And here are the rather adorable bunnies. I found that if I printed the pattern out at a miniscule scale, the bunnies are actually much cuter and their bodies look less awkward. Find the pattern HERE. I also used ordinary stuffing for the tail (I rolled the stuffing into a ball and sewed through it with thread until it was firmly held in place).

Happy felting!


  1. You should post some of your FB pictures here, too! Then I wouldn't miss so many darling animals.

  2. @Susan: Thank you! :-)

    @Gretchen: I think I will. I need to write another crafting post.


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