Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"Name that Author" Challenge: Victor Hugo

Last Week's Winner

Congratulations to Heather for correctly identifying Victor Hugo, the author pictured below.

Victor Hugo (1802-1885) is celebrated in France for his poetry first, and other achievements second, but English-speaking readers known him best for Les Miserables.

What fascinates me is the messiness, yet greatness, of Les Miserables. Why is it that a story so full of interruptions, digressions, and discussions of Waterloo is still read by modern readers? Why is it that characters who behave with the romanticism of Victorians still touch the imaginations of people today? I am inclined to believe that Hugo's work is great no only because of his universal theme of law versus grace, but because of the messiness itself. Real life is untidy and confusing. Perhaps the best of literature is untidy and confusing also.

Pictured here is the French poet, author, and supporter of Republicanism with (and without) his beard. I think the beard was a good choice.

This Week's Challenge:

There are many stories in the world, and some are told through pictures.

The FIRST PERSON to name the author above (either in the comments or by e-mailing me) will receive a shout-out (bringing admiration from our loyal readers) next week. Include your own name as you would like it listed, and your blog/web site (if any).


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